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Ritz Hotel Terme is  a 5-Star-Hotel with more friendliness and comfort than you can possibly take in on a holiday. There is a certain completeness in the approach of wellness, a generosity of offers and a variety of things on offer to make the guest feel King of the world. This is why Ritz has become one of the favourite centres for the international public of connoisseurs, who by now have learned to recognize the reality of this extraordinary stepping stone to regaining joy, energy and wellness.

You will stay in an ambient full of atmosphere, expertly looked after and run by the Barillari-Poletto family, that through generations have taken an interest in hospitality in a daily engagement whereby they offer their presence and attention as a gift of their own enthusiasm and professionalism. Indeed the Hotel has always been directed by the same family and therefore it has the advantage putting itself at the font of its trade, with the art of welcoming that has been more and more transformed from profession to vocation.

A matriarchal protagonist in the history of the Spa-Resort of Abano. The history of the Barillari and Poletto families is as exciting as a novel. Characterized by the charisma and the persistence of four female generations, exceeding historical and personal dramas, creating one of the most efficient Hotel-groups of the Italian thermal industry that finds its arrival in the Hotel Ritz Terme.


The Ritz Hotel Terme was constructed in 1967 and opened in April 1968. Since then up to its maturity almost every ten years various interventions have been carried out to enlarge and improve the Building. Finally in 1996 a general restructuring was planned and following this resulted in getting the Quality prize of the Veneto District and then in 2000 it was awarded its Five-Star-Classification.


BEAUTY CENTER: In the personalized programs for the guests, the aim is to reach a perfect synergy between Spa Therapy and Beauty Care, Diet and Physical Activity and they have at their disposal a Fitness and Beauty Centre where they use the latest techniques and products.

  • TermoCell Treatment: Slim and shaped legs. Toned bottom and abdomen. Smaller waist circumference. The Termocell Treatment is not a Sauna, it uses the thermal effect of heat coming from the bandages wrapped around the body, which maintain the body at a constant temperature of 37/38°. Associated with the Thermalene products, the heat radiated on the zones that have to be treated encourage the recovery of periphery circulation which provokes the removal of fat acids of the adipose cells and creates the following essential effects: hydration, nutrition and turgidity of the tissues with a notable reduction of the treated circumference.
  • Reduxa: The equipment Reduxa is an electro stimulator that works with square waves, with one canal, with low absorption. For its characteristics it can be used for the body or for the face. We Advice Treatment for the legs- reducing and toning, of the hips- reducing, of the breasts- toning and strengthening, of the face- lines and lifting treatment against cellulite associated with the Termocell Treatment.

THE SPA CENTER: A completely incorrupt Spa Tradition still vibrating with the rhythms and atmosphere of an ancient past. In the mosaic basins you can enjoy the rituals of bathing in the water which has just sprung from earth and in the Pompeian Rooms the matured mud warms us up in a therapeutic embrace. A real Centre of Health, that combines the incredible gifts that nature has granted with those no less precious ones that are offered from the Spa and Health Resort, classified at a high level by the ministry of Health.

THE FITNESS CENTER: We are convinced that good health depends not only on the body but also on the psycho-physic balance, that is damaged by the stress of work and our modern life, our highlighting feature is the Massage Therapy section with Toning Massage, De-tensing and De-contracting Massage, Draining, Sports, Reflex-therapy, Manipulation or Chiropractic Massage, Oriental Massages, Anti Stress Massages and Deep Massages with salts of the Dead Sea. Instrumental Physical Therapy, Sauna, UVA Rays, kinesiology in the Fitness Room or in the Swimming Pool- Rehabilitation, Toning, Gymnastics - Sports, Gentle Exercises, Facial Exercises, Active or Passive Exercises, Maintenance Exercises, Stretching and Yoga.

ANTI STRESS: Marrying the Traditions of East and West is the Centers highlighting feature of Massotherapy probably partly due to the qualities of the Barillari-Poetto family, with regards to communicating with their visitors through various programs, with warmth, enthusiasm and will of wanting to wrap up their clientele. The various Treatments Anti Stress , Deep Relaxation, Psycho-physic Balance, Energy Recovery, Harmony and Vitality are practiced under request, also on Sundays.

  • Whole - Energetic Massage: This refers to the attitude of considering your physical, mental and spiritual aspects as one.
  • Aqua Healing: This is a Treatment in Thermal Water that uses different techniques of work in water - Watsu, Water balancing, water-wellness- and brings them together with techniques normally practiced outside the water- energy massage, stretching, reflexology etc.
  • Shiatsu Massage: A Massage technique that uses exact points from acupuncture. It was developed particularly in Japan and consists of applying pressure on specific points on the body, for the balancing of the meridian- Eastern philosophical theories of the flowing energies of man.
  • Reflexology Support: An Eastern Massage Technique that uses specific points of the treated body- feet, hands, ears- for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
  • Reiki: Massage and activation of energy, based on the techniques prepared by a Japanese Christian monk- XIX cent.
  • Yoga: Oriental discipline that uses special body positions. It is used to stretch and tone the body, improving the circulation, calming the central nervous system and eventually experimenting with making contact with the supernatural.

REHABILITATION: In recent years Rehabilitation Therapy has taken a major role in the recovery of important pathological events. So, it passes from the Rehabilitation Motor Therapy- outcomes of ictus, medullary traumas, immobility, with loss of muscle tone to the rehabilitation therapy function- outcomes of post accident cardiopathy, bronchial illnesses, chronic obstruction and restrictions. Costly technology supports the rehabilitation therapies like laser therapy, iontophoresis, electro-stimulation, ultra sound therapy and magneto therapy.

  • Medical Exercises
  • Physiotherapy
  • Kinesitherapy
  • Hydrokinesitherapy : Hydrotherapy is in Thermal Water that permits all of the movement techniques to re-educate and rehabilitate, most beneficial in Thermal Water

PHYTO-THERAPY & REMISE EN FORME TREATMENTS: The specialist in natural medicine will give you useful tips and advise on how to face even your regular daily life with more effort. They will give you an indication of the food that you can treat yourself with, whether it is a basic menu of calorie contents or a menu with the highest nutritious value. They will get rid of any little aches and pains and we will discover how we can fight our reoccurring illnesses and our week points.

  • With Phytotherapy applied and Food Advice: They can rebalance and treat troubles like, bronchitis, digestion problems, insomnia, chronic tiredness, anaemia, high cholesterol, artery circulation problems and venous, memory problems, menopause, premature skin aging, allergies, or of the aged in general to detoxify.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy: They can soothe and treat, rheumatism and arthrosis- cervical, lumbar pains and the sacrum, knees, periarthritis and allux valgus.

CIRCULATION THERAPY: The circulatory disorders, especially those of venous are targeting matters of sex mostly in women, even at a young age. Other beauty aspect, causing disturbances of important functions feeling of weight in the smaller limbs, difficulty in staying upright for long periods etc.

  • Underwater Massage Glavanotherapy : A technique of emersion in a basin of thermal water combining with the stimulation of guided pump jet. The time of exposure, the pressure and the location, will be decided and regulated by the doctor then followed by the operators. The Underwater Massage is useful for circulatory exercise, to help beat cellulite, get rid of fat, increase muscular tone and your sense of well-being in general. Combining the benefits of Thermal Water with that of Galvanotherapy, completed by a water jet and the hands of the operator.
  • Hemo-lymphatic Massage: With the manual dexterity of the Hemo-lymphatic Massage, the vessels, muscles, adipose tissue and those connective, receive the direct mechanic affect of: drainage, ungluing adhesions, defibrillation and so stimulation, aimed at activating the circulatory system and metabolic tissues, giving balance and harmony to the body.
  • Manual Therapeutic Lymphatic Draining: A special therapeutic Massage that uses a gentle technique of pressure to drain excess liquid and toxins. The Lymphatic Drainage can be carried out through manual massage, hydro massage or aromatherapy.
  • Peristaltic Massage with Pressure Therapy: Mechanical Treatment intended to massage vigorously the tissues through bandaging in a clean aired room with draining effects. To complete it the effectiveness will be indicated by the raising of phychopathology products.

PAIN RELIEF THERAPIES: The primary objective for the state of wellness is to eliminate pain! Apart from the normal pharmacology applications, other methods are also added. Micro-massage is an effective technique considered as a from of physiotherapy for specific troubles. Exerting pressure on hundreds of pulse points all over the body, stimulating the flow of vital energies. Chiropractice Relieving the pain through joint manipulation. Acupuncture using the needles to treat problems, illnesses, following the traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Lonophoresis: Electronic method that allows electrodes through to reach the active drug, directly on to the joint inflammation.
  • Laser Therapy: Exploits the high capacity of penetration of the photons lights, reducing the inflammation of the tendons and joints.
  • Ultra Sound Therapy: The use of ultra sonic sound, it has been shown to be useful in the course of inflammation of the tendons- periarteritis.
  • Electro - Stimulation and Magnetic Therapy: Stimulates the fibre muscles, increasing their tone and improving their functionality. Used also for the aim of pain relief.

AQUA HEALING: The care of the water is a real and true technique of gentle treatment that joins the gestures of the new age disciplines with the benefits of the water. In water the Masseur wraps up the body of the patient, embraces it, massages it, rotates it in the water, rocks it, bends it and reopens it with light strains, twisting and extending. To receive a Massage you need only to let yourself go. The Masseur becomes the only thing with the patient, who will perceive by intuition little by little that which the body needs.

FREE TIME: A holiday at Ritz is for those who love The Good Life in the Evenings, Dance Festivals, Musical Evenings, a Piano Bar, Fashion Shows, Talks and Documentaries. The Hotel has its own Disco, Baby-Night, where every week there are organized Dance Evenings with an Orchestra or DJ. There are also changeable and always different entertainments. Every Wednesday there is afternoon Musical Entertainment by the Pool and in the middle of August a Big Party on the Pool Terrace and Orchestra, Performances, Fire Works and Midnight Barbecues in the Park.


Throughout the Ritz Hotel Terme the feeling of quality and the true value of everything is evident in the choice of the materials, colours , furnishings and bedroom linen.

It consists of 141 Rooms completed with every comfort, 62 Double Rooms, all with a Sitting Room and many with a Terrace, 66 Single Rooms nearly all with a French Bed. The 12 Suites or Junior Suites, which respect your privacy and rest and for the quality of your sleep have selected cushions and mattresses. In the Hotel there are 5 Floors, 3 Lifts, many Terraces and one Staff for every 10 people.

Rooms & Suites Facilities:

  • Air- conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe Deposit Box
Room Amenities
Bathroom with Shower or Bathtub Satellite TV Mini Bar Safe Box Air-conditioning
  • Gardens
  • Swimming Pools
  • Bowls
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards
  • Training Courses
  • Bikes
  • Clay Tennis Court with Flood Lights & the possibility to book Private Lessons
  • 50m Covered Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Festa in Piscina: Every Wednesday afternoon there is Live Music in the Swimming Pool
  • Solarium
  • Sauna
  • 8 Golf Clubs in the surrounding area
  • Gym: open every morning from 8 until 12
  • Yoga Courses
  • Beauty Center
  • Spa
  • Fitness Centre
  • Open Air Festivals
Food & Beverages

A precious collection of plates from the 19th Century make a beautiful display on the walls of the Dining Room. It is an invitation, a kind of indication to the history of a vocation for the wonderful cuisine. Dominant colours, are the Hotel's colours: blue and gold. A team of Waiting Staff will serve you with white gloves, aware of the importance of these dining moments. An elegant, lively, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Themed Evenings. Signora Emma is the mistress of the House. She is the tireless soul who leads and liases between the Restaurant, the Wine Cellar and the secrets of a Kitchen that serves fresh vegetables of the season, where they make the egg-pasta and deserts, where you can always count on the fish and first courses, where they only use DOC meat and where they believe in the rediscovery of regional cooking, making the most of the Italian tastes and flavours, using also the best international recipes, always with a touch of fantasy for cooking curiosity and a variation that combines innovation and tradition.

Cuisine: Some of the secrets of the Cuisine in the Ritz are that they use fresh Vegetables from every season, the pasta and all the sweets are home made, you can always rely on the fish and first course dishes that they only use DOC registered meat, they believe in the rediscovery of the regional cuisine, in the development of Italian flavors and tastes and here and there make use of the best international recipes.

The Gastronomy and Wine: Hotel Ritz directs its attention and particular care to the Italian Culture of their Superb Cuisine and Wine Cellars, to the Venetian Traditions and research into International Cuisine. The staff is in a position to recommend antique Wine Cellars, refined Restaurants, Trattorie of the best tastes and cooking Courses to teach you the regional cuisine.

Everyday in the warmer seasons you can book at the Pool Bar a delicious Barbecue, informal and innovative, offering you mixed salads, grilled meat and fish, fresh fruit of the season, first courses with Mediterranean flavours.

In the Breakfast Room, on the Ground Floor, from 7:30 to 10:30, a rich Buffet is offered, with a particular regard for the range of biological and whole meal produces, in the choices of bread and marmalades.

At the Swimming Pool Bar make your reservations for the Barbecue. Here You can also buy the coins for the Solarium and choose the essential oils for the Sauna. There is a large choice of Ice cream, also those made with soya and yoghurt.

Check-in / Check-out Policy

Check-in from 12:00 h
Check-out until 10:00 h


Restaurants Swimming Pool Fitness Room Sports Meeting Rooms Health / Beauty Care Spa / Thalasso Entertainment / Animation Sports Nearby Bar Cafeteria / Snack Bar Indoor Swimming Pool Sauna Tennis Court

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Open All Year... Ritz Hotel Terme is a 5-Star-Hotel with more friendliness and comfort than you can possibly take in on a holiday. There is a certain completeness in the approach of wellness, a generosity of offers and a variety of things on offer to make the guest feel King of the world.
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